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KYB is a company that has about 11,000 employees worldwide and has 12 plants that produce approximately 65 million shock absorbers annually worldwide.

KYB's parent plant is located in Japan near a province called Gifu - that's why this plant is called 'North Gifu'-. Its large production capacity is 3.5 million shock absorbers per month.

KYB in addition to having the world's largest shock absorber plant has 10 other plants strategically located around the world. KYB is always concerned about quality and uses Japanese KYB machinery in all of its plants to ensure that they are of the same quality standard

KYB Corporation produces a wide variety of hydraulic technology products for use in original equipment replacement, whether in cars, motorcycles, vans, buses, trains and for industrial applications or civil works applications. Our headquarters are located in Tokyo Japan.

We constantly develop world-class products for vehicle control and because of this, KYB has become the world's largest OE and aftermarket supplier.

KYB was founded on November 19, 1919 by hydraulic technology pioneer Shiro Kayaba.

In April 1968 the North Gifu plant, now the world's largest shock absorber plant, was founded. In February 2000, KYB's plants obtained ISO 14001 certification (certification for being an environmentally responsible company).

In Mexico, KYB began operations in 2005 with the purpose of offering products and technical solutions that contribute to improve the comfort and safety of its customers. Our goal is to offer the best technical solutions, services and high quality products to achieve customer confidence and satisfaction.

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